Sergey Brin on Google Glass at TED

The Google Glass project is taking centre stage as politicians express privacy concerns around a device that has the potential to capture everything the wearer sees and hears and upload it to the cloud.  Google co-founder Sergey Brin has another agenda in front of a TED audience, demonstrating how the Glass is the evolution of the smartphone – looking out rather than down, seeing the important messages rather than trolling through all of them and doing it with your hands free. It’s a compelling vision – but you can decide for yourself whether it’s a future you’re interested in:


  1. Hi David,
    Google glass is pretty fantastic!
    What next??
    My mind cant keep up with all these new and wonderful inventions.

    I like the moving captcha

    • Postmaster says:

      Thanks, Dena. I’m a fan of the moving captcha too. It doesn’t stop spam but it does keep it from displaying to visitors.

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