Making Good, Affordable Video & Audio

I’m linking here a post I wrote on my website video blog suggesting that a video photo booth is now a relatively simple and inexpensive option for creating social media video content on premises. The larger story is that creating any video content of good quality, and importantly, with good audio, has become extremely cost effective. Folks already interested in making video are likely to know something about the series of goPro wearable cameras that made a billionaire of their inventor. Originally gobbled up by extreme sports participants, their use has spread far beyond thanks to the portability, versatility and video quality. Attached to a drone, a helmet, a car, boat, worn underwater the goPro is a game changer. I was looking for a solution to the ok but not ok enough native audio quality from the camera and came upon a video that clearly demonstrates one path to accomplishing the goal. It might even make you want to go out and buy the gear, or at least check out the affordability given the quality. There are tons of video samples from goPro shoots on YouTube if you want an idea of just how amazing the product is. Here is the video I found. Before you view it I should mention that neither the mount or the mic demonstrated are the only options available. I have an “L” bracket for my tripod on which I mount a shotgun mic and it would serve equally well in this configuration, as would my shotgun, or any of a number available.

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