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There’s a new tool in town and no matter what you’ve heard, it’s not me. It’s the Twitter Card, a business card-looking combination of image and text intended to increase website traffic and conversions from Twitter. The cards are free if you select only your followers as the audience, and you probably should for starters. If you later decide to reach a larger, targeted audience, you can ante up budget and set dates and so on. To get started, visit Twitter Ads, register, with a credit card that won’t be charged for a followers-only card campaign, then click on “Create a Campaign”. If you’d rather learn how to do this from the source, Twitter’s Brendan Zhang hosts the webinar I viewed, which you’ll find here. You will have to trade some personal info to get to the slides. Or you could stick with me for a few more minutes. From the dropdown options select “Website clicks or conversions”. Keep your eyes up on the next screen. What you want is the navigation link named “Creatives” at the top of the page. Click it and select “Cards”. With the new page open, select “website” from the four choices across the top. You’re going to be asked for four things:

  • an image – 800 pixels wide and 320 high. I’ll show you my first one in a minute:
  • a URL to send followers to, in my case a blog post on this site
  • a headline, up to 70 characters in length
  • a CTA, chosen from a dropdown list. I chose “Visit Now” because I was linking to a web page (blogpost)

You should have no difficulty with the rest of the process. It’s just filling in blanks, and it looks like this:

webcard_build_screenYour first attempt won’t say “edit image” under the first chore – “Card image”. Mine does because choosing to edit my card was the only way to get this screen up. The others will be blank until you populate them and the call to action (CTA) will be yours to select. I said I’d show you my image. That’s it on the right in the centre of the card. Built in PhotoShop with a free graphical element. For a better look and the story behind why I wanted to do this today, visit this link. That’s it. Please feel free to comment or ask a question in the space below.

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