Exploring Google Analytics

Working at a client site, asked to deliver a top line on their site’s performance from Google Analytics, I was reminded that many website owners don’t look at site performance, ever or infrequently and not in any depth. Yet they make tweaks, add and remove content, change colours and so on completely without input as to what is working or not working already. Back at the home office on a Saturday morning I assign myself the tast of exploring Google Analytics. I opened up the report for this site (thanks to the Analytics plugin for WordPress) and then started a YouTube video, available below, in which Stasia Kudrez, President of SEM Training, walks her audience through the A-B-C’s of Google Analytics, with examples from one fictional and one real website. I highly recommend doing what I did. Use the video pause button to follow along in your analytics. Unless you’re already very well versed in this tool I guarantee you will learn valuable lessons.

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