44 Pro-recommended Social Media Tools

It isn’t often that I find so much useful in a single post. This is a rare exception and it’s no surprise that it comes from the SocialMediaExaminer.  Snip.ly is an app that installs in your browser. When you find content you want to share you can use it to create a link to the content AND create a personalized call to action to accompany it in your share to whatever common platforms you’ve given Sniply permission to connect to. My first effort, visible across the bottom of the screen capture links a post on this site to the blue button.



When I tweeted the sniply, a link was automatically inserted to deliver a visitor to the blog post. Here’s what the tweet looked like:


Clicking the link brings up both the SME content and my sniply call to action, as the first image above describes. The red arrow in that image and the red oval above were both added in a second recent find, namely AwesomeScreenshot, available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari, lets you capture what you’re viewing and mark it up, then save it.
To view the SME content visit my Twitter feed – @netvideomaker.

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