Live Streaming Video – Me Reporting from Here

Meerkat was first but Periscope offers replay. If you aren’t caught up, allow me to explain. Meerkat (for iPhone for a while yet) is an app that makes live streaming video possible from your phone to a wide audience. It’s getting huge buzz, and another 14 million in backing recently, but the knock is that so many streams are dead and done by the time you get a notice. Periscope (a Twitter buy for about $100 million, and also iPhone-only for now) archives streams so they can be viewed after the live aspect is history. What both of them mean at the top level is that anyone can be a broadcast journalist, covering breaking news, or an infant’s first steps, or you name it. And you can be dead certain that live porn and live cat videos will be everywhere.



It wasn’t many months ago that social media blogs and research reports were touting 2015 as the year of online video. This pretty much guarantees it. Everything we’ve been able to do with still images can now be done with video. “Here I am making the amazing dish I’m going to upload to Instagram.” “Here I am at the gourmet grocery where I buy the ingredients for the amazing dish I’m going…”. You know?

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