A Video Game-Changer – Whiteboard Animated Video

This is video’s year online according to the research. One of the emerging game-changers is something called whiteboard animated video, visual elements drawn before your eyes, with music, narration, images and titles flying in and out in ways almost impossible not to watch. But their appeal, particularly to marketers, doesn’t stop there. Compared to talking head video these animated presentations are

  • 15% better remembered by all age groups,
  •  three times more likely to be shared,
  • receive more than twice the recommendations and are
  • more than twice as likely to make a sale.

Add remarkable affordability and you have a fast track to new business. No location shooting, no site meetings, everything done in the digital realm, including your online preview when the project nears its final cut. Watch our latest production and see if you don’t agree that the level of engagement is what every business is looking for. Take the full screen option for the best impression:

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