Twitter Feed In WordPress

A client recently asked about adding a Twitter feed to a website. I know he chose a WordPress theme when the newest site was built and many millions of other sites are built on it too. So, not surprisingly, there are a number of solutions, some using code, some using Plugins or Widgets, some free, some with premium options and so on. For the purpose of this post I selected a simple plugin-widget that was as simple as install, configure settings and save. The result is visible in the right hand margin, above my post collection.

I made my selection and in the WordPress dashboard selected “Plugins”, “Add New”. Enter the exact name of the plugin in the search box and hit enter.


In seconds I was invited to activate the plugin. Then, because this particular solution is a widget, I clicked on “Appearance”, “Widgets”. The display that results shows my installed widgets in alphabetical order on the left, and the locations in which I might choose to display the Twitter feed on the right. In this image you see both the widget named on the left and the location I selected, in the Primary Sidebar between my share buttons and my post list.


FeedSettings There are a few settings you can tweak to choose a colour or add a border, yes/no to a scrollbar and of course the Twitter handle for the feed you want to appear. I chose “netvideomaker” to display my tweets, leaving off the @ sign. the image at left is a partial view of the selections available.  I mentioned at the top that this particular solution requires no API or code but clearly there is a “Twitter Widget ID”. Since I didn’t insert it I have to assume it comes with the plugin installation.

For the moment I’m satisfied with this straightforward  approach to displaying my feed in the sidebar of my posts and pages. But I said it isn’t the only solution. Elegant Themes has a post on the subject that presents a number of alternatives, with illustrations.

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