Tool Tips for Online Marketing

I consider myself a fairly normal participant in social media marketing. In part that means spending a large chunk of my time reading other marketer’s content, searching for tools, tips and tricks to increase my worth and improve my results.

Today I will take time off of taking and give back, with a short list of apps and tools that make my work easier and my time more productive – tool tips for online marketing.

  1. Buffer – this app’s key strength is its ability to schedule your tweets and posts. Using the free version you must choose a single network, and Twitter works best for me. If I write a tweet at 6:30 in the morning I know it’s not prime time for sending it into the world. Buffer allows me to select a time, to the minute, and the date. Given the speed of the Twitter feed, posting the same content more than once makes good sense. Make a slight change in the subsequent versions and schedule them over the following few days. Using Twitter’s analytics you’ll discover in time what works best for you.

Desctop screenshot

2.  Awesome Screen Shot – is the tool I often use to create images like the one above. Like Buffer I reach it via a button in the Chrome browser, and I should make clear that you need to add these apps to your browser before the buttons of which I speak appear. Some install in multiple browsers. Some have favourites. awesome_screen_shotI’ve chosen Chrome for all of my app button installations. The image at left is the drop down that appears when I click the Awesome Screen Shot button. I get most use of the “capture selected area” but as you can see there are a number of other options. When you’ve made your selection by drawing a rectangle around the chosen material, you are offered the choice of cancelling or capturing. When you choose capture a new tab opens and your selection appears with a tool bar above giving you access to text, arrows, underscores etc. When you’re “Done”, a new tab opens with options that include “save” to your hard drive. I don’t think I’ve used any others. Here is an example of a capture, marked up with some of the tools available.

3. Bitlink – is a very useful tool if you frequently add links to content. Yes, it shortens any URL, which in itself is often useful, (think 140 characters) but it also makes the resulting trackable so by accessing your account you can view the number of times your link was clicked. The idea is to select bitlink when you’re on a page you want to link to in a tweet, post, blog or pin, to name a few. Here is what appears when you click your bitlink button:

Select “Copy Bitlink” and paste away. Note that you can try to create a custom link by adding your choice of descriptor. My attempts have all returned the response that the choice already exists. Here you’ll find the directions to easily install the bitlink to your Chrome toolbar. If you don’t use Chrome there’s a second choice, to simply drag a button to your browser toolbar.
I hope you find these apps as useful as I do every day. If you’d like to know about the tools I can’t live without let me know in the comments section.

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