Musk Explains the Tesla Powerwall

Elon Musk doesn’t run stuff up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes. When he announces a new product he knows exactly how it will perform and what it will accomplish. In an 18-minute presentation, he lays out a path to literally saving the planet from where the hydrocarbon curve is going. The product line starts with a $3,500 battery you hang on the wall and progresses to infinitely scalable installations capable of powering cities.

Thanks to what he calls the “handy fusion reactor in the sky” and today’s solar panel and battery technology he makes the case for the real possibility of replacing all fossil fuel energy generation with batteries storing sunlight.

Musk isn’t known for his social skills but in this presentation he appears as himself, casual, relaxed, bantering with the audience. But what he presents has been carefully crafted to deflect common criticisms before they get started, to simplify gigantic numbers and then to demonstrate that he’s not talking about a concept, rather a reality proven by the fact that the entire presentation space is running on his batteries.

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