Analytics Helpers for Google & Twitter

Do you wish for a simpler path to pulling the essentials from your Google analytics? Would you like to make Twitter more productive in your business? I am going to introduce you to three analytics helpers for Google & Twitter to consider bringing on board, all of them free at the entry level.

  1. QuillEngage (beta),  available here, links directly into any Google Analytics account you can access, offering data in actual paragraphs of text, supported by graphs and charts.


Data is available for week or month and while date range is not selectable, the app archives all reports and makes them available on request. Data is available on trending in sessions, pages/session, time on site, traffic sources, devices, referrers and more.  Here’s an example from a weekly report:


You may request that reports are emailed, enter more than one address if you have a team involved, and you may download reports in Word format. If you manage client sites, being able to email reports for discussion is far easier than multiple real-time logging into Analytics for a telephone review. The app is currently offering no paid option. This may change when it comes out of beta but for now there is no reason not to take it for a test drive.

2. QuillConnect, available here, begins with an analysis of your place in the “Twitterverse”. How long you’ve used the platform, how often you tweet on average, versus your followers, then looks at your activity for the most recent week, what interests you share, and don’t share, with your followers, what hashtags your followers are using, even advice on how you might increase your follower count.


I haven’t used QuillConnect for long enough to know if it updates automatically every week, but that seems likely. Not surprisingly, you’re invited to tweet your report to your followers. That’s called marketing. 🙂

3. Meshfire, available here, begins by having you select a goal from a limited choice, explaining that more, and more complex goals will become available as you progress. So you might select adding 25 followers in the next 14 days, or attracting 25 mentions, retweets and favourites in that same period.

Meshfire for Twitter
You can connect accounts like and Buffer for use within Meshfire along with several others useful in team management. For example, if you connect Buffer, when you have tweets scheduled in the app, they will appear in the “Outbox” area of Meshfire. If you have team members contributing Twitter content, their contributions will appear in the “Pending” column to the right of your “Scheduled” (Buffer) tweets, awaiting your moderation.

Meshfire and and Buffer
Like Saturn’s rings, Twitter and Google Analytics are surrounded with apps to assist us in assessing the result of our efforts, in presentations we can take in with minimal effort. If you find any of these useful I hope you will leave a comment. Meanwhile, thanks for visiting.

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