Online Photo Editing – No Registration, No Cost

There are many ways to manipulate photos today, programs and apps and websites with tools to add text, effects, frames and on and on. For those who don’t often want or need a deeply featured tool, might be the handy answer. We’re running a simple Facebook promo, asking fans to upload a picture of themselves and optionally, include birthday wishes over top. A good solution involves an online photo editing tool. We’re linking to for those who want to get artsy and the image that follows is a simple set of directions for getting a simple result. Beyond what we describe, there are font and point size choices, picture and frame effects, enough fun stuff to keep a newbie playing about for a good while.


The tool gives you the choice of saving to your computer or posting direct to Facebook. It is possible to provide a path for fans to post directly to a Facebook page photo album but unless you’re a developer you’ll need to hire one to make that happen.

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