Video Promotion – Yes, You Can

Do you want to add video to your online presence – video on your site and social networks? Does making it happen seem so involved that you don’t know how or where to begin? Well, congratulations. You already have, just by being here at this moment.

use of video in the coming year. Are they thinking about video in the same way that you do? It’s clear that SMB owners and operators don’t have the budget for highly polished film company productions. Nor do they need them. Video is a storytelling medium and every company has stories to tell.

In as little as two minutes or less you can profile your business, product, process or service and make the result appear on the website, in a blog, on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest. That’s a lot of mileage for a few hundred dollars.

Business profile video tells your story in minutes
Let’s say you want to answer a few questions most often asked by prospects, customers, clients or patients. If you were interviewed on a local cable show you’d have a good piece of content. But you can create an equally effective video without the studio set, lighting and audio by standing in a hallway or behind a desk with a videographer who knows how to drop the questions in via text or slides in the edit. Again, a few hundred dollars.

Q&A with titles, no interviewer needed.

Many stories work very engagingly without video. Accept the challenge and try not to watch the video linked here. There is something about the words and images being drawn in real time before your eyes that is hypnotic. And that’s key because many online videos are viewed only part way through. The longer the viewer stays the more she remembers and the more likely you are to see new revenue. (Go ahead and view full screen.)

Social media is changing the way people interact with bricks and mortar operations. Perhaps you are inviting people to check in on their Smartphones when they visit your place of business.
Facebook Checkin Signs

Video during an event captures these interactions, people who know they’re going to be on your site in a day or two will share that video with friends. This example, created during a store owner’s Birthday Sale, shows off the store, the goods, the personality of the man and the strength of relationships with customers – shot on a small High Definition camera, professionally edited with a script and voiceover and background music. And yes, we’re still talking a few hundred dollars.

To explore opportunities and costs, or just to chat or ask a question, LetsTalk and thanks for your time.

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