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 it is the new Micro Drone 3.0, a miniature HD video drone that has covered every conceivable angle.
Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the MD3 streams HD video to your phone as it flies. It’s capable of streaming live via Meerkat, to your Twitter followers, the video it shoots can be saved and edited, uploaded or linked wherever you choose. All of its parts snap together, are easily replaced and the body can actually be 3-D printed in a variety of looks, like the dragon, or the wasp. Oh yes, and it costs $150. Let’s take a look at what it can do. Prepare to be amazed:

I hope you watched the video because it is literally awesome. But it doesn’t tell the complete story. The MD3 has an optional gimbal which attaches to the bottom and provides perfect stability in flight. This means you get Hollywood-style results, dead level footage of the world below. It comes with three different props sizes to create three different levels of lift and speed. Along with the professional controller included in the price is an app download to turn your Smartphone into a controller. And another amazing extra turns your phone into a set of goggles that give you a first-person view as you fly, as if you were in the cockpit of the vehicle. In this video the company’s young CEO demonstrates the (cardboard) goggles and describes the built-in stabilization that delivers viewable video without the sort of camera shake you would think inevitable from something flying in the wind. The maker claims the MD3 can fly in winds up to 45 miles per hour for six to eight minutes on a charged battery. Batteries are cheap and will charge in an hour.

This third generation of the product was crowdfunded, with a goal of $75,000. When last I looked the amount raised was nearing two million dollars. Winner? I’d say so.

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