Buffer & Pablo – Great Tweet Tools

Buffer is a scheduler for social media content. I have used it for tweets for some months. Recently they added a tool called Pablo to their offering. Pablo makes simple the creation of images with text overlays, useful in many ways but particularly in cheating Twitter’s 140-character limit.

If you have Buffer installed in the Chrome browser you can highlight a string of text anywhere you find it, right-click and choose “Buffer”.

Highlight text and select "Buffer"
When you do you can proceed to create and send or schedule your tweet OR you can choose to use Pablo to set the text over an image from the media library.

Buffer's Pablo

Here is an example of what you can create when you make the choice to use Pablo:

Pablo text over image
When you create your tweet the image leaves you headroom to add copy to explain or link. A very useful combination of tools if Twitter is central to your social media activity.

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