Boosting A Facebook Page Post

I was recently asked to explain how I reached seven thousand Facebook newsfeeds for $10. I chose to answer in a blog post where adding illustrations is so simple. The first requirement in this process is that you have a business page rather than a personal profile. In my case it’s

Here’s the proof of my claim:


Not all of the reach was bought. Just under 2000 were what Facebook calls “organic”, and for my page that’s a very high number. In this next screen cap you’ll see the reach Facebook attributes to the $10 buy:
The process starts with the “Boost Post” button at lower right of each post, as seen by the page Administrator. Hovering over the button brings up the black box with reverse text. Visitors don’t see this option:
When you click the “Boost” button the following screen looks like this:
As you can see, in this preview window you select your budget and make decisions about the audience, age, gender and geography. Once you’re satisfied you submit your ad and you’re done. Anyone with admin privileges may see real time results in the “Insights” tab, again only visible to admins. That’s it. Questions welcome if you have any.

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