To Beaconstac Support

I received my starter kit on Friday, September 18th. The following morning I installed fresh batteries, downloaded the Android app, logged onto the website and began reading tutorial material. I created my first rule, a summary card promoting the starter kit, complete with an image of it unpacked. The two images below illustrate first that the card showed up on the "Experience Demo" screen and that the beacon successfully sent it to my Sony Xperia Z3. This is the one and only time I was successful in pushing anything from a beacon to the phone. starter_kit_first_push You asked if when I go to "My Beacons" I see signal strength in colour next to the beacon description. The answer is no. What I see is this: MyBeacons I mentioned in my most recent support request that all three beacons report zero advertising interval and zero output - in fact the only thing that isn't zero is the battery status, which is 100%. I know from your tutorial material that I should be able to edit the key settings by clicking "Edit", and you have told me to move the phone closer to the beacon to make this possible, but I can be a half inch from the beacon and still see only "beacon out of range". I have opened the cases to check that I installed the batteries properly. I have checked multiple times that Bluetooth is enabled. When I expand the Bluetooth setting on the phone I get the following: Bluetooth I have toggled the setting to make the Xperia visible to other Bluetooth devices with no change in results. I just tried it again a moment ago and still get, "beacon out of range" from an inch away. In case it matters, the phone is running Android version 4.4.4. with no option to upgrade. That's all I can think of to provide at this stage. I have a support session booked for 9:30 am, which is forty-five minutes from the time of writing this. Sure looking forward to clearing up whatever the problem is.
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