Beacon Management Services

Reading my most recent post on Eddystone beacon settings reminded me that I’ve taken a further step since penning that pearl. I connected with, a platform in beta that provides a proprietary URL for use with an Eddystone beacon. The URL is a placeholder of sorts, since in the dashboard you’re free to connect any real-world URL to it, click save and have the beacon broadcast a link to that URL. A picture is in order:


Focus on the last line in the image. There’s a checkbox, an on/off switch and a bolded URL. That’s assigned by To the right is a URL I entered, in this case, my Twitter page. Were I to bring the beacon to a meeting, or just carry it around town, savvy folk looking for beacon notifications would see it on their mobile devices and could check me out and follow me if they had the urge.

The magic of this approach is that once you set a beacon with a URL, you don’t have to handle it again. Changing the content it delivers is as easy as changing the URL it connects to in the dashboard. The platform is promising a content creation tool in the future which makes it a super power. Create cards. from discount offers to descriptions of museum pieces, connect them to the proprietary URL and launch them into the world, to change at will. There will be competitors of course, but right now they’re looking pretty persuasive.

Chrome naturally isn’t cooperating with my desire to show you how it displays the link I’ve created in, so I’ll show you the preview I get in the dashboard before I save the URL change:


This is what it looks like in the Physical Web app, Android version, available freely at Google Play:


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  1. Nishant A Contractor says:

    Thanks for all details.
    I have one query, it will be great if you can answer that.
    I want to change push beacon message through rest API. is there any beacon provider who provide such API to configure beacons?

    • Postmaster says:

      Apologies for the delay. I didn’t see your comment until today. My experience with beacon settings is superficial. Working with APIs is outside of my experience. Unless you’re working with nearby.api I assume you’re talking about ibeacons pushing messages via an app. I’ve probably already demonstrated my ignorance of anything helpful.

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