Blueprint for Success – Part Two

2. Increase online lead capture

When you provide your email address in trade for anything you’ve just generated a lead. Often you may value the offer enough to provide much more than that. Our friends at HubSpot routinely ask for name, phone number, company name, number of employees and so on. They believe that this does two things. It qualifies you as someone who is really interested and it allows them to nuture you through the sales process. They email a thank you for downloading the ebook, offer others you might like. When they have a picture of your interest areas and of how often you’ve engaged with them you will receive an invitation to speak by phone. And so it goes until hopefully you convert from a lead to a customer.

Companies with an existing permission email list have an advantage over those just starting to build one. The email list makes a Call to Action (offer) and provides a link to check it out. The link opens a landing page. This page has one purpose in life – to collect your contact information. It might be a sweepstakes offer, a coupon, ebook, white paper, event invitation, webinar or perhaps a concert discount or early bird seat sale. It almost always opens on the website because driving new traffic to the website is job #1. But promotions are also run on Facebook, usually to add fans who want the special offers only fans receive. Fans tell friends and more leads result. Visits can come from pay per click advertising as well as organic search, social media and email. However the Call to Action is circulated, capturing contact information is the sole objective. With tens of millions of examples available there is plenty of guidance available from external partners.

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