Inbound Marketing – Core Expertise Required

In today’s marketplace, to be chosen you first have to be found. With few exceptions the path from discovery to sale is not direct. Through multiple points of contact the seeker, or prospect, will or will not come to feel good about you.

As business websites matured it became understood that supplying engaging content provided visitors the opportunity to get to know you and your offerings, to spend time with you without buying anything right away. Today it is understood that “content is King”. Business blogging is all about creating streams of fresh content for search robots to notice. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo likewise provide opportunities for fresh content that first gets found in search and then delivers engagement, through education, information, humour or entertainment.

Increasingly, seekers are using mobile devices to visit websites and social media. So in addition to fresh and engaging content is the requirement that it display properly on multiple device screens.
A secret to success in the multi-site reality of inbound marketing is leveraging the same content over multiple points of contact. When you post to your Facebook page it should auto-post to your Twitter feed too. If your post links to a video, the destination should showcase all of your related video assets. Your video and blog pages should link to your website. It must always be obvious and simple to continue engaging your content.

Once your business has its own multi-site reality you have begun a conversation with seekers that makes great demands on time and of course in generating fresh content. Some of that content will require nothing more than a line of description and a link to what someone else has created. Some might require a half a day of professional videoproduction. All of it requires an investment of time. The number of unique views to a business blog literally skyrockets once posting frequency reaches one per day. Facebook tells us that 29% of users expect an answer to a question posted to a business page within TWO hours. The more you learn the clearer it becomes that small and medium sized operations need a partner to succeed in an effort they cannot afford to ignore. While you work at being the best in your business your partner works at making that known far and wide.

Key to understanding the concept of inbound marketing is exposure to a list of four core areas of expertise:

  1.  Generate website traffic
  2. Increase online lead capture
  3. Turn leads into customers
  4. Measure and analyze

Over the next while we will examine individually the role of websites, blogs, social media, video and the influence of mobile devices in delivering those results. We will discuss what each does best and share a wealth of research data relating to how each is best employed and what expectations are reasonable. At any time you’re invited to post a comment, send an email, visit us on Facebook and the web, ask questions, suggest topics you’d like to see us address. It is, after all, a conversation!

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