Helpful Hint: Tracking hits on shortened URLs

There are a number of websites given to shortening long URLs for pasting into email or posts and tweets. If you have any interest in knowing how many times your link has been clicked you need to know about

Let’s say you are posting to your Facebook profile or page. (one is personal, the other is business). You have found an article online that you want to share and you want to make a comment on it before pasting in the link. Copy the URL, go to, paste it into the box that invites it and presto, you have a shortened URL. Paste that link into your post, email, tweet, blog, whatever. A week later, copy the URL from wherever you pasted it, drop it into your web browser address bar and add a “+” sign at the end.

Hit enter and be amazed. Select a time frame (one day, two weeks…) and you’ll be presented with information on number of people, number of clicks, referrer and country.

On our Facebook page we posted a cartoon by Tom Fishburne. Then we made its home on the web into a link. Feel free to enter it into your browser, just as it appears in the image above and see how Tom’s doing.

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