Blueprint for Success


The purpose of inbound marketing is to

  • continually create and retain new customers while
  • continually becoming more successful at it.

A successful strategy puts a laser focus on four core objectives:

1. Increase website traffic
2. Increase online lead capture
3. Convert leads to customers
4. Measure and analyse.

We are all drowning in content today. To make good decisions we have to run content through the right filters. Where inbound marketing is concerned we need to demonstrate how any proposed action furthers progress toward core objectives.

1. Increase Your Website Traffic:

No traffic-building effort today ignores social media, blogging and search engine optimization.

  • Search results are influenced by the amount and relevance of new content in social media posts/tweets and in blog posts.
  • Determining which key words and phrases are important to your prospects and ensuring their appearance in your content is vital. This includes page, file and image names as well as the traditional meta tags behind the scenes.

 When store staff appear in photos, when they contribute to the store’s wall posts and tweets and answer our questions how we feel about them gets mixed up with how we feel about who they work for and represent. And when a fan likes, shares or comments on a wall post or other content some number of their Facebook friends see that in their news feeds. Any one of them who chooses to become a fan brings an average of another 200-300 friends into the equation. So, as we sharpen our tools to bring fans and their friends back to the website we also grow the number of them available.

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