What We Do

Traditional marketing is broken.  It’s likely that you are contributing to this situation, by screening callers, filtering your email, recording TV content to skip the commercials and registering with a “do not call” list.  Where marketing was about interrupting prospects it is becoming increasingly about being found by prospects engaged in a process of discovery. The shields are down when it’s us doing the searching.

Search engines changed everything. Your website is the future of your enterprise. It’s digital real estate that you control completely. Here you collect leads, walking the best of them through the sales process until you create a new customer. The process is simple to describe and very complex to accomplish. It’s called “inbound marketing” and it brings into play:

  •  Social Media Management & Measurement – building a community around you.
  • Blogging – creating fresh, engaging content that attracts visitors and search robots.
  • Responsive Websites – web design that shows properly on any device screen.
  • Search Engine Optimization – selecting and employing the keywords your prospects search.
  • Email offers – building/maintaining a permission list that invites people to interact with you.
  • Landing Pages – what the link in your email opens, with the single purpose of collecting contact information.
  • Lead Capture – the term for a successful landing page interaction.

We could go on but perhaps the point has been made. You work at making yours the best business or service of its kind in your market. We at Facelift work at:

1. delivering ever increasing website traffic,
2. ever increasing leads captured,
3. higher conversion of leads to customers

And we report regularly on progress, in a timely and accurate form, because everything we do online is measurable. Ask us to prove that the process works. Use the contact form to ask questions or to request a quote. Call us at 416-823-3100.  Accept our invitation to hear what you need to know to grow.